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Q1) What types of patents are available in Korea, and what are their terms?  
Q2) What are the differences between a patent and a utility model?  
Q3) What are your rules regarding “Unity of Invention”?  
Q4) What is the Applicant code system provided by the Korean Intellectual Property Office?  
Q5) Are there any restrictions on the total number of independent claims in an application?  
Q6) Do you have any provisional protections after publication? Does publication have to occur in the local language?  
Q7) Is a request for examination essential to receive an examination of a patent application?  
Q8) Does Korea have a system for obtaining a fast-grant patent as well as a standard patent?  
Q9) When is the due date to respond to an Office action? For how long and how many times can the deadline for responding to an Office action be extended?  
Q10) When can the applicant file a divisional application?